Magica – Magica2

These two sisters, “Magica” and “Magica2, are based on strong and clear concepts: semplicity, basic lines and accuracy. Two ultra-minimal chairs comes to light thanks to a hidden but intense research. The “Magica” chairs want to astonish with their minimalism and illusion: a momentary but effective illusion that strenghten and emphasize its strong lines. They are entirely made in coloured and clear methacrylate (plexiglas), which enhances their identity and reinforces their spirit, defined by strenght and timeless elegance. In 2010 “Magica” and “Magica2″ win the third edition of the “Furniture Design Competition” international contest, published by Design Quest. From 2017 is developed a new collection saw the success of the chairs in the world that sees revisited chairs with new finishes and new graphics.

The chairs are produced by OltreDesign, Milan, Italy.