Who I am

Who I am

Davide Conti was born in Genoa in 1983. After classical studies, in 2003 he joins the faculty of Industrial Design in Genoa University, where he starts gaining his first experiences as graphic designer, industrial designer and interior designer. Since 2006 his focus on furniture design and interior design, he started to partecipate and win several national and international design competitions. In 2007 he became a member of ADI (Association for Industrial Design), at the end of 2011, founded the territorial delegation of ADI in his region Liguria, and he is elected as councilor for ADI Liguria from 2012 to 2016. In 2008 he starts undertaking professional relationships with national and international clients, small and medium-sized enterprises, artisans and individual, enhancing his passion for product design, furniture design and interior design,and finalised his first projects as professional.

As a result of professional growth and consolidation of relationships with its collaborators and customers, in the end of 2012 he decided to open the Davide Conti Design Studio in his city. From September 2013 to July 2015 he has held the role of Project Manager ADI China, and since October 2015 he became General Manager of ADI China, developing with Chinese partners projects related to the internationalization of ADI actively contributing to the promotion and development of projects between the italian and chinese world of design.
Over the years the studio of Chiavari saw so broaden his horizons in Milan and now in Shanghai with the opening of his studio in China, outlining new ideas and goals for the future that are stimulating for Davide Conti, his team and for all of its clients and collaborators.

Since 2015 he has been actively participating as a jury of international design award and since 2016 he has been teaching interior design and italian design for different chinese universities, developing courses, workshops and design tours in Italy for chinese design students. In 2017 together with other colleagues working in China, he founded the IADC, Italian Architects and Designers Community in China. In 2019 he founded IDM - Italian Design Masterclass in Shanghai, an extra-academic course of high education for Chinese designers. In 2020 he held the position of Senior Account for POLI.design in China.

He is particularly creative and lives the reality with joy and curiosity, drawing out innumerable cues which lead him to committing to his job with passion. Lives and works between Shanghai (China), Milan (Italy) and his beloved Chiavari(Genoa, Italy).

Davide Conti in ADI

  • ADI member since 2007
  • Founder of ADI Liguria in 2011
  • Councilor and Responsible for the eastern area of ADI Liguria (2012 - 2016)
  • Project Manager of ADI China (2013 - 2015)
  • General Manager of ADI China since 2015

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Who we are

We are an emerging Italian design studio with an international team with multiple skills based in Italy and China. Our focus is interior design but also product and furniture design. First, before doing something for you, we like to listen to you, understand whom you are and deepen a connection. Carefulness to your requests is for us the respect of your inquiry and the beginning of the analysis and research of our study.

We follow your project from the beginning to the end of its phases. Meeting, brainstorming, research, design, development and supervision, we will share every stage with you to be able to sew our ideas to your person as a tailor. We work with passion, because we love this profession that strikes us every time that allows us to see your smile at the end of our work, gratifying our efforts and our daily commitment.

Here are some of our most loyal designers and collaborators who have worked or collaborated with us since the beginning of the activity of the studio; Luca Ciriola, Federica Fugazzi, Paolo Piccinini, Clelia Mandaglio, Silvia Cappucio, Federico Garaventa, Andrea Castagneto, Jing Zhang, Roberto Cardile, Roy Grinfeld, Francesca Berardelli, Alice Cottali, Giuliana Gheza, Markovic Nebojsa, Han Zhenli, Giuliana Gheza, Zhuang Kai, Zhuang Bin, Yong Chen, Andrea Civiero, Elena Block, Erik Per Bjornsen, Cha Si Yao, Diego d'Angelo, Sonia Procopio, Annalisa Poletto.


December 2020
Winner at "China Custom Home Innovative Design Award 2020", by Top Decoration World magazine - Guangzhou, China

June 2020
Winner at Chinese Interrior Design Award by CIID, China International Interior Design Association - Chongqing, China

December 2018
Winner at Space Designers & Asia-Pacific Space Design Awards - Beijing, China

May 2018
Winner of honorable mention at the European Product Design Award 2018 with project "D - Tile" Los Angeles, USA.

July 2017
Winner at 5th international award "Golden-Creativity International Space Design Award" Beijing, China.

September 2015
Winner at 1th "International Concept Award Design 2015" with "Ivy13" announced by Design Union Crew, Melbourne, Australia.

May 2013
Winner of a certificate of merit for project "Karine" at the international design competition "Echi di Luce a Led 2013", organized by I LOVE LED s.r.l., a company from NoceraInferiore, Sa, Italy .

March 2012
Winner of the 20 selected to the "Design for a changing world" international design competition, organized by Living Divani, Casaviva Greece and Delood with project "Unique".

August 2010
Winner selection, at 1th contest of sustainable creativity - Ortofabbrica created by Angelo Grassi and organized by Romagna Creative District, with project "Dieci". Exposure from 1 to 3 October 2010 in Gambettola, Italy.

February 2010
winner at 3nd international Furniture Design competition announced by Design Quest with projects "Kreo", "Magica" and "Magica2" from March 14 to May 2, 2010, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

January 2010
winner at 2nd national competition Be-Eco organized by ExpòCasa project with project "Dieci" in Turin Lingotto from 26 February at 7 March 2010, Turin, Italy.

June 2009
winner at 2nd international competition"SUN.LAB for a creative outdoor" with exposure8 to 10 October 2009 with project "Sara" at Sun the International outdoor fair in Rimini, Italy.

May 2009
won selection for the exhibition "PEZZI AL FORTE. Il design scopre la Liguria" with project "1x5" with exposure to the Fortezza del Priamar in Savona from 11 june to 15 July 2010 and with exposure to Carrara Marmotec 19 to 22 May 2010. By A+D+M magazine.

February 2009
winner at 2nd national competition "About Design Vicenza" facing 4 to 11 June 2009 with project "Oasi" Valmarana Palace, Vicenza, Italy.

August 2008
winner at 2nd national competition to "Design per l'artigianato" launched from the town of Caltavuturo PA, Italy, with the plate "Voilà".