ADI Compasso d'Oro International Award

In 2014, after an experience of over sixty years in the organization of the national ADI Compasso d 'Oro award, ADI banned the first edition of the International Compassod'Oro, inaugurating a series of international thematic issues that will be dedicated from time to time to different themes.

2015 Edition
The first edition of the ADI Compassod'Oro International Award, developed in the year of Milan Expò 2015, dedicated to the theme 'Design for Food and Nutrition', ended December 2, 2015, with an event of great prestige and relevance world in Milan.

2017 Edition
The second edition of the ADI Compasso d 'Oro International Award, has been dedicated to sports with a theme; 'Sport - Perfrormance and Innovation' launched in 2016 during the Rio de Janeiro Olympics under the patronage of CONI has seen two major awards ceremonies of global importance, the first in Milan and the second in Hanzghou in China.


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