“PEZZI AL FORTE. Il design scopre la Liguria”

Along with 9 other designer born or working in Liguria Davide Conti is selected to participate at the “PEZZI AL FORTE. Il design scopre la Liguria” […]

“Voilà” and Alessio Moras

“Voilà” enters production thanks to Alessio Moras, owner of the artisan reality with the same name in Pordenone, Italy, which in 1996 etablished its activity with […]

Davide Conti wins the 2nd national contest “About Design Vicenza”

Davide Conti is the winner of the 2nd national contest “About Design Vicenza” with his project “Oasi”. The exhibition will take place from the 4th to […]

Davide Conti at Rosario Scrivano’s “La Spadarina” gallery

From the 17th of January to the 1st of February 2009, Davide Conti will display some of his artworks at Rosario Scrivano’s “La Spadrina” gallery, in […]

“Esse”, the ceramic plate by Davide Conti

Launch of the “Esse” plate, fluid design characterised by a “S” shape that makes it sinuous and eclectic.

Davide Conti participates at the “Mediterraneo da incontrare” exhibition

Davide Conti Prestigiacomo, from the 16th to the 31st of August 2008. The preview will be on Saturday, 16th of August at 20.00. The images are: […]

“Voilà” at the 2nd national contest “Design per l’artigianato”

Davide Conti is awarded the first prize of the second edition of the “Design per l’artigianato” contest, published by the council of Caltavuturo, Palermo, with his […]

Photograph exhibition at the “Cantinone Medioevale”

Davide Conti will participate to the exhibition at the “Cantinone Medioevale” in Pietra de’ Giorgi, Pavia. The show will take place on the 5th and 6th […]

“Oriana”, the new chaise longue by Davide Conti

The first project launched on the web: “Oriana”, wooden chaise long, with a relaxing character and solid “design” basis.