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Source: Triptod

Publication date: 21/11/2013

“Ljud” is a speaker and amplifier for smartphones, made entirely of ceramic material 100% eco-friendly. Has no connections with cables and electronics so it can be easily moved in favorite spaces with ease, becoming an eco-friendly furniture. The sound from the microphone of the phone, which is located inside a sounding board ceramic, exploits the characteristics of the material and is naturally amplified as well as being the most widespread thanks to the harmonic forms of…

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Keramische iPhone speaker Ljud

Source: Gimmii

Publication date: 14/11/2013

Bij de geboorte van mijn eerste kind hebben mijn vriendin en ik tijdens de kerstdagen in een ziekenhuis gebivakkeerd. Met z’n drieën sliepen wij op één kamer, heel romantisch eigenlijk. Het hoogtepunt was kerstochtend, toen we de iPhone in een glaasje hadden gezet en Wham! met Last Christmas ‘uit de boxen’ schalde. Alsof ze ter plekke live aan het zingen waren. Een goeie tip dus als je geen versterker in de buurt hebt…

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Source: Moco Loco

Publication date: 14/11/2013

Eco-friendly, wire-free: Ljud Smartphone Amplifier/Speaker by Davide Conti is a 100% ceramic, entirely acoustic amplifier that should work with any smartphone that has the speaker at the bottom (and that includes iPhones). Conti commutes between his studio in Chiavari, Italy, and Ningbo, China, where he is Project Manager at the Italian Association for Industrial Design (ADI) China Design Center…

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Chiavari e Chiavarine

Source: Cucine d' Italia

Publication date: 04/11/2013

A Chiavari viene fabbricata l’autentica sedia “chiavarina”, vero gioiello del design Made in Italy. Eleganti, robuste e leggerissime, queste “seggiole d’arte” custodiscono il segreto di una tecnica costruttiva ideata dall’ebanista “Campanino” nel 1807 e affinata nel tempo da generazioni di artigiani. Le sedie di Chiavari sono chiamate così per la città italiana in cui hanno avuto origine. Questa cittadina, situata tra Genova e le Cinque Terre, ha iniziato a produrre queste sedie, all’inizio del 19 ° secolo…

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Magica Chair cadeira minimalista que desafia a gravidade

Source: Limao Nagua

Publication date: 05/10/2013

A Magica 1 e Magica2 são duas modernas cadeiras criadas pelo designer italiano Davide Conti. O design minimalista, baseado em conceitos simples de precisão e linhas bem definidas, parece desafiar a gravidade. É uma ilusão momentânea, que nos leva a prestar atenção às linhas fortes e rígidas do desenho das cadeiras…

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The Most Unique Chair with Minimalist Design by Davide Conti

Source: Chic Cool Design

Publication date: 24/09/2013

Italian designer Davide Conti has created the most unique chair with minimalist design called the Magica and Magica2. The chairs have a very minimalist appearance and looks like defy gravity. When viewed at a glance it looks very strange and unique, but upon closer inspection, you realize they are outfitted with clear methacrylate (plexiglas)…

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Shenqi de fan zhongli yi

Source: Uwofo

Publication date: 21/09/2013

有没有人幻想过现实世界像动画片那样画几条线就能形成一张可以坐的椅子呢。虽然客观上我们达不到这样的程度,但是类似的效果却不难,比如这两把由意大利设计师 Davide Conti设计的反重力的椅子,在一定的角度和距离上看,似乎它们只是几条线而言,根本不可能坐人。但是别担心…

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Chiavarina Supercolor sul palco di Colorado

Source: Il Secolo XIX

Publication date: 17/09/2013

Chiavarina Supercolor protagonista alla trasmissione comica Colorado in onda ieri sera su Italia 1. La sedia nata dalla collaborazione tra il designer Davide Conti e i Fratelli Levaggi di Chiavari, storica azienda produttrice di sedie che, quest’ anno, celebra mezzo secolo di attività, è stata proposta in quattro modelli cromatici differenti. “Il programma televisivo ideato da Diego Abatantuono e condotto da Paolo Ruffini, Olga Kent e Lorella Boccia…

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Source: All things interior

Publication date: 17/09/2013

Designed by Davide Conti, these wonderful chairs create the impression that they are somewhat gravity-defying. Upon first glance, it’s hard to work out what exactly is holding these chairs up; however, upon closer inspection you can see that they are actually fitted with clear Plexiglas. The black and white seats and backs of these minamilistic chairs are also made from Plexiglas…

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Source: Design Milk

Publication date: 17/09/2013

Designed by Italian designer Davide Conti, the Magica and Magica2 are chairs that appear to defy gravity. When you first get a glimpse of these super minimal chairs, you wonder how in the world they stand up, much less how they hold a person up but upon closer inspection, you realize they are outfitted with clear Plexiglas.

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